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You will fail trying to please everyone. You will waste all of your energy and your time running around trying to meet everyone’s needs, never saying no, and never letting anyone down. And at the end of the day, the only person you’re ever really screwing over is yourself.

Practice saying “no” more often. Protect your time and your energy- both non-renewable resources- and remember that each time you say “no” to something, you’re saying “yes” to something else. Make your “yeses” MEAN something, by only saying YES when you mean it. Imagine how much more powerful that is and how much more impactful you can be if you know you actually mean YES when you say yes and no when you say no.

No one in your life is worth you trying to please if it comes at the cost of your peace, happiness, sanity, and values.

The people in your life who TRULY matter actually want you to be happy. Don’t worry about anyone else. Keep yourself top of the list, and all the other pieces *eventually* fall into place.

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