The Truth About Your Insecurities

I talked to a very close friend of mine (anonymous by request) about a few of her insecurities… NONE of them have anything to do about her weight or her body.

When I look at her? I see things that I wish I had.
She literally has perfect hair.
She can order clothes online and the size she orders not only fits, but it fits PERFECTLY.
She’s kind. Like, you can just see how kind she is by looking at her face.
She’s compassionate.
She has a robust social life.

So what in god’s name does she have to feel insecure about?
And how could a girl like me (read: with cellulite, stretch marks, and depending on what position I’m sitting in- plenty-o’-fat-rolls) possibly help her?

In this episode, I recall a conversation I had with her. And how this very podcast, this very movement, is for EVERY BODY. <3

Here’s a video I did as a follow up to this episode: