Fix These 4 Fitness Mistakes

Want to feel better? Fix these fitness mistakes:

1) You’re prioritizing traditional cardio over weight training. Traditional cardio has a very low return on investment. I don’t care how long or hard you go. Your return will be low in the long run and any result you’re chasing will be futile or finite at best.

2) You’re not actually strength training. You’re throwing everything into a circuit or superset, you’re not resting enough between sets to even call it strength training, and you’re turning every workout into a bootcamp class. There’s a time and place for conditioning and it should not comprise most of your gym time.

3) You’re working out too often. MOVEMENT is medicine – not training. YES – many women need MORE exercise and MORE movement. You may not be one of them and this has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR WEIGHT. Move every day. TRAIN often – but not daily. You need to consider your sleep quality, your overall stress levels, and your own unique recovery. Training every day of the week requires SMART programming, which many people don’t follow, and adequate recovery – which almost no one gets because they think more is better. It’s not. You win long term by doing the least amount of work possible for the same result. Which is possible. Work smarter AND harder without spending 6-7 days a week trying to figure it out. ?

4) You’re focusing on specific muscle groups. “Oh today was arm day!” Ohh, was it? ? Unless you’re a legit, compensated body builder or just genuinely want to be a bro, stop lifting like your body only works in one muscle group at a time. It doesn’t. It works in patterns. Train movement patterns and your entire body will transform in ways you never thought possible. When have you EVER only used your arms throughout the day? When have you EVER isolated your triceps in your daily life? Stop dissecting your workouts into body building splits – again, unless you’re a paid body builder, a gym bro, or injured and require modifications.

Fix these 4 mistakes and thank me later when you’re amazed at how much better you feel!