Candid Thoughts On Hating Your Body Until It Changes

Have you ever ended up with a car that wasn’t your dream car or one that you had for so long it started to rust, and just… got old?

You realize your car works literally fine. And you realize there’s no way that you can get a new one… at least not for a while.

So what do you do?

Let all your garbage pile up inside and scratch it with your keys every morning?

Ever cleaned out your car, gave it a tire rotation, a wax, and an oil change and realize “hey this thing isn’t so bad!”? Talking shit and beating the crap out of your car only makes it easier to hate. Once you take care of it, it’s easier to appreciate.

Just like your body.

Take care of it without the external expectation that it’s going to magically turn into a Ferrari. Because- it’s not.

It is literally impossible to partake in any shitty self talk, perform exercise as punishment, and berate your food choices in an effort to appreciate your body more. Literally ?? impossible ?? First comes neutrality, and then acceptance. What kinds of things would shift in your life if that’s where you operated from for your body? (Hint: everrrything)

How would your workouts change if it wasn’t coming from a place of “fuck you body, I hate you, let’s punish you into submission so you change”? Would you feed yourself differently if you appreciated your body? Yes- you would. Because your body deserves to be fed and satisfied. It deserves the ice cream and the salad.

It deserves movement and rest.

The idea isn’t chasing a physical outcome- it’s pursuing the things that make you feel the way you want to feel.

I don’t believe my body deserves to feel like shit. So I don’t talk shit to my body, but rather- I honor it. Daily.

Start now. What is one thing you can to today to show your body you’re done being an asshole to it? For some, that means move more. Others, it means move less. For some, it means eat a cookie today. For others, it means drink more water and eat a vegetable (or 5.) Stop trying to hate your body into changing it. Only then does the game change.