Building a Business is Just Like Lifting

Everyone wants to lift til it feels boring and like a chore and EVERYONE wants to start a business until it feels hard as shit. WELCOME.

The actual fun starts when it’s not fun anymore. That is not a typo. I repeat: the fun starts when it’s not fun anymore. I can’t explain it. But that’s what it is.

Lifting isn’t exciting for me anymore after 15+ years of lifting and it’s so fun. And the fun of business wore off VERY long years ago- and it’s so fun, maybe fun = “new” here in my mind?

It’s like marriage, I’d assume. Like you used to get butterflies when you first met your partner and now you’re married and you’re like “stop fucking snoring or I will end you.” Lifting and business is the same. The honeymoon phase is LONG GONE, but a steadfast appreciation, dedication, and work make it more meaningful as the years roll on.

So, marry your lifting. Marry your business. Or don’t if you’re kinda ambivalent about marriage but don’t doubt your commitment. You get the point.