76: The Binge-Restrict Cycle; Weight Loss & Intuitive Eating

For a long, long, long time- I called myself a weight loss coach. It was on every website, every tagline, and every business card that I had.

What a freakin’ disservice!

Being a weight loss coach is simple. Get women to eat less calories than they’re currently eating. BOOM. Magic. Even more magical would be calling it a cute name and tying it off with a bow.

Let me be clear that I am not anti-weight loss or anti-health. But tell women to stop focusing ONLY on weight loss? And they lose their damn minds. Tell women to let go of dieting forever? FORGET ABOUT IT.

Intuitive eating is gaining some popularity now. And people are either for it, or against it. If you’re against intuitive eating? You just don’t know what it entails yet. The women who are trying out intuitive eating and thinking it doesn’t work? Aren’t quite there yet.

Intuitive eating is quite literally engrained within us. We’ve been eating intuitively since the day we were born. The only reason we’ve lost the ability to eat intuitively is because of a fatphobic and diet-centric society that has taught us otherwise. Whether it’s our parents’ beliefs around food and weight, or our friends, or good ol’ social media.

It’s time to reconnect with yourself. This episode will shed some light on just a few of the misconceptions surrounding intuitive eating.

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