72: How To Navigate Eating While On Vacation

I used to approach vacation in one of two ways: 1) I would stuff my face for an entire week, waiting with baited breath to have to step on the scale once I was home and face the damage  2) I tiptoed around eating for the entire trip, nervous that I would undo all of my hard work. I counted points, calories, and stressed about whether or not I should have the local, homemade, seasonal cheesecake. Would it be worth the guilt and anxiety that it would cause? When you’re dieting, you’re either on or off the proverbial bandwagon. But when you’ve found a way to navigate the middle- you can literally eat the same way year round- whether you’re on vacation, whether it’s your birthday, or whatever. Life is so much better on this side of dieting. Questions? Send me an email hello@christinamontalvo.com