71: Victim Mindset with Emily Gough

I think most of us operate from victim mindset almost all of the time. There are different levels to it, and as I dive deeper into understanding how my victim mindset operates, I continue to learn how it holds many women back from living a life they can be truly obsessed about. Playing the victim card feels really good. People pity us, nothing is our fault, and there’s nothing we can do to change the situation. Playing the victim role allows us to point fingers at every thing and every one else. As good as being the victim might feel- it also keeps us stuck. Stepping out of the victim role and into responsibility is one of the biggest mindset shifts you can ever make in your life. Everything from your exercise, your nutrition, your body image, your job, and even your relationships- one of the biggest changes you can make is shifting your mindset out of this space. Emily and I dive deeper into what victim mindset is, how it’s holding us back, and what we can do about it. Questions? Shoot me an email! hello@christinamontalvo.com