53: How to eat anything you want

Here’s the biggest, darkest secret of weight loss: there is no secret.

The answer, in its most clinical form, is a math problem- and its right in front of our faces every day.

The truth is- you CAN eat anything that you want. No, not if you have a food allergy, this isn’t about that. But guess what? I was my heaviest when I was dieting and eliminating foods from my diet. MY HEAVIEST.

Does it take some time and work and patience to fine-tune your newfound liberty around foods so that it can work for you? YES. But, you won’t feel so crazy, you won’t feel so anxious, and you won’t be on a damn diet anymore white-knuckling your way to some proverbial happy ending that you’ve made up in your head.

You can eat anything you want and have the body you want- I promise.

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