31: Money Mindset

This one feels like I’m standing naked in front of all you- which, actually at this point would be less scary than talking about the M word… money.  I wasn’t always willing to offer up my naked body (ha!) but that’s because I’ve spent years fighting for the right to love myself, my body, and all of its flaws.  So what does this have to do with money?  For me, I’m realizing it’s one in the same.  CONFIDENCE doesn’t just have to be about what we look like. Why? Because confidence is a FEELING, not a certain LOOK.  Truth be told, I am confident AF about my body because I taught myself how to be. Does this mean I have what society would deem a perfect body? NOT EVEN CLOSE! And the best part is- I don’t even care! *shakes unperfect hips anyway* What I’m NOT confident about these days is my money. Not even close.  Just like the stories about our bodies, the story surrounding our relationship money starts from childhood. And we burry ourselves within these stories. So I’m laying it ALL out there for you today on this episode, because I can’t just TALK about being confident, I gotta BE about it.  If you’re not hanging out with us in the Confidence Project group, you can join us here.  If you’re enjoying this episodes, leave us a review on iTunes and/or take a screen shot and share on social media! <3