29: Is working out supposed to get easier?

Well, ladies- I’ve done it. I’ve managed to say the “F word” more than ever before in an episode- woops!  This is a no holds barred episode, and I’m throwing it all out there. First, I answer the question I hear a few times each week: “When is this supposed to get easier?” And then– well, then I go into a tirade about coming to the realization that I cannot *make* anyone want to change their life. There are days, even weeks, where I get down on myself and wonder if I’m making a difference because I work with so many women that I just can’t help. On top of those women, are the hundreds, if not thousands of women who I’ve encountered who I know I *could* help- but they’re not ready. This ends up being a pretty personal episode- inside the head of a woman trying to change the world.  If you’re not following along on IG or Facebook, you can join the madness by searching cmofitness on both IG and Facebook.  Questions?  christina@cmofitness.com 

Want me to stop swearing? Sorry. I can’t. I’ve tried.