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Well, ladies- I’ve done it. I’ve managed to say the “F word” more than ever before in an episode- woops!  This is a no holds barred episode, and I’m throwing it all out there. First, I answer the question I hear a few times each week: “When is this supposed to get easier?” And then– well, then I go into a tirade about coming to the realization that I cannot *make* anyone want to change their life. There are days, even weeks, where I get down on myself and wonder if I’m making a difference because I work with so many women that I just can’t help. On top of those women, are the hundreds, if not thousands of women who I’ve encountered who I know I *could* help- but they’re not ready. This ends up being a pretty personal episode- inside the head of a woman trying to change the world.  If you’re not following along on IG or Facebook, you can join the madness by searching cmofitness on both IG and Facebook.  Questions? 

Want me to stop swearing? Sorry. I can’t. I’ve tried. 

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