21: Investing in Yourself

In my next life, I’ll be a financial advisor for boss women looking to take control of their relationship with their budget and their money. In this life, so far, I’ll stick to what I do best- coaching women to become the strongest, most confident version of themselves. With that being said- are your manicures and pedicures acting as a bandaid to a bigger issue? Is your purse shopping obsession just a mask to make yourself feel better? In some cases, if you’re anything like I was back in the day, the answer is yes. I “didn’t have” money to invest in actual things that would make me feel TRULY better about myself. Instead, I wasted my money on superficial, fleeting things like manicures, pedicures, new wardrobes, expensive shoes, more make-up (the list goes on), in an effort to somehow love myself.  I am NOT saying that treating ourselves to these things is bad. IT IS NOT.  What I AM saying is this– are you truly investing in yourself? In things that add to YOU and give quality and passion to your life? If not- why?  There’s a huge psychological component that I hardly even begin to touch surface level in this episode- but, we do scratch the surface just a bit!