13: Love Yourself to Weight Loss

I used to abuse exercise and food like it was nobody’s business. No wonder I constantly felt uncomfortable- and even more so, could never, ever lose weight. When you participate in negative self-talk, you make it easier to partake in negative behaviors- which, usually, manifest into overeating, eating shitty foods, and not taking care of yourself. Even when I used to exercise 3 hours a day, 7 days a week- my body never reflected that I was active. I so badly wanted people to look at me and say “wow, she must workout!”  Although, YES, changes were made to my training style AND my nutrition, I wasn’t able to apply ANY of those concepts because I didn’t think I was worth it. “I’m so fat. I’m so disgusting” rang true for years.  Guess what? I continued to behave in such a way that CONFIRMED that I was “so fat. so disgusting.” There’s a better way. “Where the mind goes the man follows.” You HAVE to get your head right FIRST if you want to change your body FOREVER.  It starts with you. How you think about yourself and what you say to yourself MATTERS and has major implications on your actions.  In this episode, I talk allllll about it!