09: How to Eat a Bagel A Day and Not Get Fat

I ate a bagel a day for 28 days and didn’t gain one pound of fat.  I’m sure you’re thinking “If I ate like that, I’d FOR SURE gain weight. No way!” I’ve had people tell me I can eat how I want because I’m young. Because I work out a lot. Bla bla bla. All of this BS that makes me cringe- because none of it is true.  My thyroid doesn’t work- I keep having to remind people of this because, quite frankly, my metabolism sucks. Like, it’s slower than that of any 50 year old woman who has a functioning thyroid.  So how was I able to eat an entire, white bagel every single day and not gain a single pound? Listen to find out 🙂  The blog post for this episode can be found  by clicking here.