01: Why Diets Don’t Work

With all of the diet information out there at our fingertips, ever wonder why we’re in the middle of an obesity epidemic? Or ever wonder why you’re not at your goal weight yet? It’s because diets don’t work.  We’ve been lead to believe that there are “good” foods and “bad” foods when it comes to changing the way our bodies look. And you know what? That’s a lie.  I’m not saying eat junk food. I’m not saying there aren’t benefits to mostly consuming foods like fruit, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, etc. but you don’t have to be miserable on your quest to changing your body and becoming the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.  What if I told you that you absolutely CAN lose weight and still have a donut on Saturday morning with your coffee?  What if I told you that you don’t have to waste your money on any more BS cleanses, pills, detox kits, or MLM nutrition schemes?  Is it voodoo magic? No. It’s science. Listen for more of what I mean!