[Biz 35]: Blending Action and Stillness For Clarity and Joy in Your Business

How can you blend action and stillness for more clarity and joy in your business?

Action breeds clarity. Stillness breeds joy.
How can you blend the two to find the best of both worlds in your business?

You need to take consistent and imperfect action in your biz in order to get anywhere- we know this.
You also need to make time to be with yourself   or you’ll always teeter on the brink of burnout.

But, it can’t be all of one or the other. It has to be a blend.

If you’ve tuned in to the past few Business episodes of The Confidence Project Podcast, then you’ll know that all of these episodes tie in together.

You may want to listen in order so you know what’s going on!

If you’re still catching up, I recommend listening to these first, and in this order:

How Being a Perfectionist is Keeping You Stuck (Biz episode 32)

Finding Joy in Life and Business (Biz Episode 33)

And then this episode- blending it all together for the ultimate quest of clarity & joy inside your business and of course- outside of it!