[biz 39] Plan for Profit

You feel gross about what you charge for one million reasons. You question it, you wrestle with it, and you feel like you’re constantly having to explain and rationalize why you charge what you charge.

You’re like “wait. Everyone else I know makes $27 an hour in their corporate job, so why the hell do I think I’m so much better than them and where do I think I can get off charging literally 4x more per hour than they make?

Right? I know. Trust me, I’ve been there.

You’re also tired, burnt out, and REALLY questioning why you started a business for one million reasons.

You’re also like “how can someone be charging this much money per hour and still feel like it’s not enough!?”

One of those reasons is because the way you’re thinking about each payment that comes your way is…. wrong.

The rates you charge are NOT what you are pocketing- and if it is, if you’re treating each payment from a client like it’s your income, we’re headed for some serious trouble.

This episode walks you through exactly what to do when you receive a payment from a client and explains exactly why you should no longer feel shame, guilt, or any sort of morality associated with your prices.

In fact, this episode will (hopefully) encourage you to charge more! And you won’t even wonder why. You’ll know exactly why it’s time to raise your rates- and unlike other business coaches out there- it’s not simply because you’re “charging what you’re worth” (eye roll) it’s because you’re acting like a business owner now.

After this episode, you will have a massive advantage over other business owners who are still operating like employees of their business, and you will no longer feel the need to charge anything less than what exactly is required of you in order to maintain the financial health and YOU and your business.

You’ll want a pen and paper handy for this one!