[BIZ 38]: Creating Content vs. Talking About Your Offers

WHOA- did you know that your content and talking about your offers are two totally different things?

Yes. And if you don’t know the difference, there’s a good chance you’re confused as to why people like your content but aren’t hiring you or buying your programs or products.

Content can and should support your offer- but content in and of itself does not bring in revenue.

Someone can love your content but not be interested in your offer (your paid stuff) and the reverse can be true! Someone can not really love your content but love your offer- so they buy from you!

In this episode, I break down some of the differences between your content and your offers.

Here is an example from my own business that may help when trying to tease this apart for yourself and your business:

-Content example: 3 reasons why you can’t land clients

-Offer: In 8 weeks, you will be able to write sales pages, posts, and create stories that speak straight to your ideal clients so that you can finally begin to bring in consistent revenue.

In order to make sales, you need to talk about your offers. So many people obsess over creating content and think “my gosh, I’ve been working so hard on my online business seem but I can’t seem to get any sales!” Exactly. Because content creation is not how you make money. It’s a part of it, and YES, your content should support your offers- but, the two things are different.

You may shy away from talking about your offers because you’re obsessed with vanity metrics. Here’s the thing: offer-based posts will simply not get as many likes or as much engagement. So if you’re obsessed with things like that (likes, comments, followers, etc.) there’s a good chance you’ll keep creating content that “works” and forego the entire component that actually makes you a BUSINESS which is REVENUE and ultimately PROFIT.

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