BIZ 005: Your Ideal Client Probably Doesn’t Care About Your Certifications

UGH, I KNOW. This one hurts me- but it left me confused and stuck for YEARS. Anywhere I could, I would put all of my education and certifications- it was the cornerstone of my entire business. It was on my business cards, all over my website, I talked about it non stop on social media- and guess what? No one cared.

Not once has a client asked me what my qualifications are- if clients did care about that stuff, run-of-the-mill trainers wouldn’t have booming businesses- and yet? The industry is infested with them- they’re everywhere. Yet, our clients don’t care.

Not only that, our clients don’t even know what’s considered a good education in the industry- and this probably holds true for many industries. Of course, there are one-off instances in which your education DOES impact your ability to gain credibility and clientele but, most often, it doesn’t matter.

I think about the most impactful people in my life- the least important thing about their impact on me was their education. It was so much more than that.

So while this episode pains me to record, because I personally am obsessed with educating myself, turns out, my business isn’t about what *I* want, it’s about what my ideal client wants- and that is what a successful business makes.