83: The Art of Maintaining Friendships with Emily Gough

Ever notice how there are no resources on adult, female friendships? Once you reach adulthood, you can literally find a resource on almost anything and everything. How to keep your house clean, how to cook chicken, how to create a budget, how to file your taxes, how to clean out your gutters. But there’s no one out there talking about the seemingly taboo topic about how to maintain friendships once you’re out of college.

In this episode, Emily and I talk about ALL of it. Why keeping friends seems to feel so hard the older you get, how to have honest conversations if you’ve outgrown a friendship, and the importance of having at least one good girlfriend versus a ton of superficial friends.

Fun fact! Emily is one of my best friends and we’ve only met in person ONCE. You can find us on the phone for hours a time at least every other week, LOL