Episode 224: Navigating the comparison trap & the spotlight complex

You get invited to go to the pool.
You’re nervous.
Everyone is going to look at your body, and they’re all going to judge you.

You go to the grocery store looking like shit. Everyone in your town will remember the day you showed up at Target looking like trash.

You’re going back to the a public gym. It’s been years. Everyone is going to notice that you’re a fish out of water, and they’ll laugh about you for years to come.


Not so fast.

The spotlight complex makes us feel like we are the most important part of someone’s day- and not in a good way. We torture ourselves thinking that everyone is noticing us- our flaws, our insecurities, everything about us that we hate.

But, if everyone thinks they’re under a spot light… what does that mean?

This episode will help you to better understand what comparison actually means and what it doesn’t mean.

While it feels like you’re the only one under the microscope, everyone has their own. So what can we do when we begin to understand that?

Tune in to hear more about how to navigate the comparison trap & the spotlight complex.