211: The Most Common Misconceptions of Intuitive Eating

Episode 210 of the show talks about some reasons why you may be unwilling to try Intuitive Eating, and one of those reasons is that the misconceptions of Intuitive Eating are far more popular and ever-present than what is true about Intuitive Eating.

Today’s episode goes over some of the most popular misconceptions of Intuitive Eating.

Here’s the reader’s digest version of today’s show:

-You think you will gain weight infinitely if you begin eating intuitively.

-You think it means you’re eating whatever you want, whenever you want, forever and ever the end (and part of you thinks you might already be doing that- LOL)

-You think it means you abandon your health and any health-promoting behaviors

-You think you’re an intuitive eater because you don’t use the scale but rather you use progress photos and measurements

-You think you’ll never stop eating

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