210: Reasons You’re Unwilling to Explore Intuitive Eating

Episode #2 of the Intuitive Eating Series is here!

We’re curating your entire Intuitive Eating experience on the show so that everything you need to know is easy to find within a specific set of episodes.

In today’s episode, we’re breaking down a few potential reasons why you’re still not invested in Intuitive Eating.

Here are just a few of the bullet points from today’s show:

– you don’t understand what Intuitive Eating is and is not.

-you may already think you are an Intuitive Eater… and you’re not, due to a massive misunderstanding thanks to the fact that misinformation spreads farther and wider than actual information

– you are fat-phobic. You are afraid of gaining weight, judge others that are in bodies that are larger than yours, etc.

– all of your worth, success, and happiness hinges upon what you look like.

-you believe the goal of IE is to end up on TLC’s “my 600 pound life.”

-you think you’ll never stop eating. Did you know that clinically diagnosed binge eaters actually stop binge eating when they actively participate in Intuitive Eating? Yes.

– you believe your body is a problem and all of your life’s issues would be rectified if you looked differently/weighed differently.

-you may have a full blown clinical eating disorder and/or wildly disordered when it comes to your relationship with food and your body

-you use dieting and your obsession with your body as a control and coping mechanism for traumas; also as a distraction tool to avoid the REAL problems in your life. As long as your feel your body and food is the problem, you don’t have to really pay attention to anything else in your life. AKA dieting is the most socially acceptable adult pacifier.


Tune in to hear the rest!