208: Lifting Without the Urgency of Weight Loss

You’ve done it, you know you have.

You decide you’re going to lose weight so you start some sort of challenge or commit to some sort of “new lifestyle” in which you are expected to “stick to the plan” come hell or high water so that you can have a “good” weigh-in and have “good” progress photos.

But what happens after you drop out of diet culture?

Do you stop lifting?

Do you want to keep lifting but find that you’re not as “motivated”?

First, motivation is not a reliable source to get shit done.
Even when you thought you were motivated to workout in order to lose weight… that wasn’t motivation. That was FEAR.

That was shame.

That was guilt.

That is not motivation.

So, now that you’ve dropped out of the weight-loss rat race, are you finding that you’re more likely to skip your workouts because there’s no urgency?

You likely know that lifting is important. You probably know that it’s important to you. Yet, you might be finding you’re having a hard time staying committed.

Today’s episode is straight from a Facebook live from inside The Barbell Collective.

In this episode I talk about why lifting is non-negotiable for a life well-lived as well as how your perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking is likely the thing that’s holding you back all together.