207: Tips for Getting Out of a Funk



2020 has been on big funk, hasn’t it?

If you’re feeling a little gloomy, this episode is for you. The caveat is that if you’re feeling really down and out of sorts, it can feel impossible to want to try anything that might make you feel better. If that’s you, I see you and I feel you. However, I’m going to challenge you to try just one of these things mentioned in today’s episode.

Some of the things I mention in this episode that have helped me begin to get out of my funk are:

-Finishing my showers with COLD water (a slightly modified version of a contrast shower)

-Planned Spontaneity (totally an oxymoron, but I swear it helps!) I go into tons of different ways to incorporate this into your life without it being some massively complicated overhaul

-Purge your closets

-Clean out your refrigerator (sounds strange, I know!)

-Rearrange your furniture/decor

-Wear something new to work; try a new lipstick; try a different hairstyle

-Social media & news detox with permission to watch your favorite movie/show

-Get your heart rate up (exercise)

I also break down why doing things like this are important and give you a whole lot more context as to how you can incorporate these things into your day. I promise they’ll make you feel better.