What Every Small Business Owner Wants You to Know (but isn’t going to tell you)

Today’s episode is for both the consumer and the business owner- and it’s an episode you for sure do not want to miss!

In this episode, I cover:

-Why small business owners charge what they charge

-Things that are factored into the price you pay that you’ve probably never considered

-Why small business owners (like myself) HATE when clients ask for a discount- it’s not that simple, there are things we are paying for in order to deliver your service, and there is far more happening behind the scenes than you could imagine

-Why one-on-one services and/or customization of any kind is more expensive than DIY or group programs

-How to decide if what level of care/service you need. Meaning, do you NEED 1:1 coaching/training? Is a small group option a good fit for you?

-Why a GOOD COACH is one who will let you struggle. You can reference the story I quote in the episode called “The Man and The Butterfly: When Helping Doesn’t Help” here.

-What a toxic coach-to-client relationship looks like/sounds like & how to know if you’re contributing to the toxicity

-Why I no longer work with “needy” clients

Tune in down below or anywhere you listen to podcasts by searching for “The Confidence Project Podcast