181: Quarantine Chronicles- 30 FOR 30 CHALLENGE

In this episode I cover:

-The power of choice and control: we can control our efforts & our attitudes no matter what.

-How I check myself and make sure I’m at least not making an already shitty situation worse. We’re all feeling out of sorts- what can I do to make sure I’m not making it an even harder situation for myself?


At the time I recorded this episode, it was April 1st. The entire state of Illinois is on a lockdown until April 30th. I am casually and cordially inviting you to participate in a 30 day challenge with me. It is not what you think. The intention of this challenge is not what’s getting the most likes on Instagram. It’s not a water challenge, not a booty-building challenge, it’s not a step-counting challenge.

You’ll have to tune in to see what I mean. I break it all down inside this episode. You know it’s a good one when I have to say: “no, I haven’t been abducted, I am not drunk right now, this is Christina and this is The Confidence Project Podcast” midway through the episode, ha!

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