177: Moving Away From Useless Fears- Are You a Beginner or a Baby?

I know, I know- you probably don’t appreciate being called a baby. But, hear me out: you can be a beginner and not be a baby. And the reverse is true: you can be a master at something and still have a baby-mindset. What do I mean by “baby”? An unmanaged mind.

This episode talks about the evolution of fear, what it’s good for, why we have it, and how it’s holding you back in all areas of your life in this day and age in which fear, while has its place, is not serving us in the way it used to.

Fear and your ego keeps you from trying new things, from stepping out of your comfort zone, and from getting somewhere other than where you’re at.

I’m totally OK with beginners- we were all beginners once. In fact, I encourage us all to be brave enough to be a beginner at something in our adult life- to try something new, to be brave enough to suck at something. What I’m not OK with is letting your mind continue to be mismanaged, unrefined, and weak. A strong body means absolutely nothing if your mind is unmanaged.

Which will you decide?