166: Earn Your Easy- expectation management for when things feel tough

Have you ever watched someone do something and you think to yourself “it can’t be THAT hard!”?

…then you do it, and you’re frustrated that it IS hard? Then you attach some BS story to it feeling hard and want to quit? Yeah, that’s expectation mismanagement, and it usually comes from a lack of understanding of what it actually takes to be good at something, what it actually takes to make something “look” easy.

When someone knows the ins-and-outs of something, they’re able to correctly manage your expectations. If someone ever told me that “running a business is easy”, I’d have to assume that they have NEVER ran a business themselves.

If someone told me that push-ups were easy, I’d have to assume that they don’t actually know the ins-and-outs of what a pushup ACTUALLY is. It’s not just “push yourself up and down off the ground”- it’s more like “make sure you’re breathing, core is activated, glutes are tight, quads are squeezed, hands are underneath your shoulder joint, wrists stacked underneath elbows at the top, elbows go back behind you like an arrow, NOT out to the sides like a T-shape. Exhale as you push the ground away…” and THEN comes the actual trouble-shooting. What if someone’s pushup form is GARBAGE? Now what? Someone who doesn’t know enough about how to teach to a push-up (or anything!) will be unable to teach it. The problem with this is that it mismanages your expectations. You’re thinking “GOD! This person is telling me it’s just push yourself UP off the ground!” And the truth it, it’s not that simple- and across the board, almost NOTHING is that simple.

Almost nothing is inherently EASY.

Here’s the thing- you have to earn your right for something to feel easy. You have to earn your right to be able to make push-ups look easy, you have to earn your right for business to look easy- you have to earn your easy for almost every single thing you’ll ever try. It’s not supposed to be easy- if it were? Everyone would do it- whatever “it” is.

So you get to decide. Do you want *that thing* bad enough that you’re willing for it to be hard? Are you willing to fight and earn your “easy”?¬†