165: Phone Boundaries & Reclaiming Our Time

Do you have boundaries with your phone? Or is it just permanently attached to your hand, and without even thinking about it you’re always quick to respond to texts, social media pings, or mindlessly scrolling as you fill in every single gap of your day?

What I’m really leaning into is the thought that my time is sacred. All of our time is. Am I honoring that by being available 24/7 to everyone and everything? Am I honoring my own time by scrolling IG every time I’m bored or waiting somewhere?

On today’s episode, I share what my new phone boundaries are (I’m working on them!), why I have them, and other phone habits that I’ve been implementing so that one day, when I’m in my 90’s, I don’t think about all the time I wasted by being on my phone.

Maybe you need this reminder, too 🙂