163: Movement Is Medicine- But Not the Way You Think It Is

“Movement is medicine” is something people throw around all the time, but really have no idea what this means or what it looks like.

If you’re sedentary, then yes- your body will benefit from starting to move more intentionally and regularly.

If you’re already active and wondering why your body hurts outside of normal soreness and thinking that hitting the gym more or just going for walks is going to cure you because “movement is medicine”- then we’ve got some learning to do.

Not all movement is exercise but all exercise is movement.
And not all movement nor all exercise is medicinal. It’s way more complicated than that.

You need to understand (or work with someone who understands) how the body and each of its components are designed to move. Then you need to assess (or work with someone who can assess) how your body is currently moving, where it’s limited, and start to work on restoring proper movement so that “movement is medicine” can be applied correctly.