158: Pre-Workout: Why You Should Reconsider

Do you hop yourself up on pre-workout? I used to, too. It was part of my pre-lifting ritual for years and years. And then I thought about it- what am I trying to cover up? And what do I actually feel like if I’m not doping myself up on crazy-juice just to survive another day in the gym? And at what cost?

I am all about pushing my physical limits- it feels fun and good for me. For a long time I always told myself I was only a beast because of the pre-workout I was taking- I depended on it. What if I lost all of my strength if I stopped taking it? What if my entire identity was a sham?

What if I’m actually too damn tired to try to hulk out today? Ah, the fear of tuning into how we’re feeling.

I talk about my evolution with taking pre-workout supplements today and give you a few things to reconsider if you, too, are slamming pre-workout to get through another workout.