140: Beating FOMO- A Better Way to Live Life on Your Terms

FOMO- Fear of missing out. Why does it matter if we have it and what can we do about it?

FOMO is rooted in fear- it’s right in the name of the title. And fear comes from a place of insecurity and uncertainty, which breeds scarcity mindset- and the whole thing is just not a good place to operate from.

When it comes to creating a life we are truly passionate about, it is important that we make our own decisions from a place of empowerment and confidence, instead of making decisions from a place of insecurity.

If even half of your life’s decisions are coming from a place of FOMO, it would come as no surprise that you might feel like your life isn’t really yours- you’re not sure how you want to spend your time, your money, your resources- you’re just afraid of missing out on the good stuff! Sometimes, FOMO rewards us- we go out with friends when we really wanted to stay in, but end up having a good time- so, what’s the problem?

In this episode, I’ll tell you exactly why FOMO isn’t the best place to be making decisions from, and the barometer that I use to guide every decision that I make in my life so that I am in full control over creating the life that I want to live.