102: Taking Up Space & Staying In Your Own Lane (Worry About Yourself!) with Stephanie Lippincott

Stephanie and I connected through a fitness-based Facebook community where the original poster asked something along the lines of: “Do any trainers here struggle with their body image?”

As hundreds of comments rolled in, all proclaiming “yes!”, Stephanie’s comment stood out to me. While I can’t remember what her exact response was, I’m thrilled that she was able to join us on the show today to put it all out there.

You see, here’s the thing: no matter what you do for a living, women’s bodies are always up for judgement. Add in a fitness-based (or even health-based) profession? The pressure immediately intensifies. So, regardless of whether or not you’re a fitness professional- what can you do about it? What’s the journey like for a woman who’s trying to reclaim her health without the added and inevitable social pressures of fitting into a certain mold?

If nothing else, this episode will remind you that you are not alone, you are more than your body and whatever shape it takes, and above all- worry about yourself!