BIZ 004: Fix This Social Media Mistake + Tips for a Better Social Media Approach

Love it or hate it, social media isn’t going anywhere. While it can be time consuming, frustrating, and sometimes feel like you’re screaming into the abyss, social media bridges the gap between “stranger” to “client.”

Social media has offered me so many wonderful connections and relationships- from colleagues, to peers, friendships, and of course- clients.

But there’s a lot of ways this can go south.

I see a lot of women using social media as their personal diary while trying to build a business- which is when you have to make a few decisions: are you going to run your business as a personal brand under your name or are you going to create a new entity? Personally, personal brands are my JAM- but it definitely changes how and what you post.

Questions you can ask yourself before you post on social media:
-Is this helpful? Am I teaching something to my ideal client? Is there a lesson here or am I just posting to receive praise or pity?
-Am I being relatable to my ideal client?
-How can I build the know, like, and trust factor?
-Do I want my client to know this about me? If yes, post it. If not…. don’t post it 😉 Is it relevant? Helpful? Educational? Inspiring? If yes, post it. If not, maybe don’t post it.

We take a deep dive into this inside today’s episode!