[Biz] 4 tips for content creation when you’re feeling uninspired

A business client was telling me about how she was kind of feeling “blah” about posting to her IG, and while I plan to record a podcast episode ALL about this, I wanted to pop in here and give you some tips for not falling off the face of the social-media-planet even if you’re feeling uninspired, worn out, or burnt out.

1) Repurpose! You can do this a number of ways:

–> On IG, you can share an old post straight to your stories. Make sure you give it some context with typed text into the story- don’t just share a random post and expect people to read it. Give them some context and pique their interest so that they go back to read the original caption.

–> Share an old blog post. That’s why you have them! They live on forever. You can link to it in your IG bio or link tree, then post a CTA in your stories (with context!) and send them to a previous blog post.

–> You can share links to old blog posts on FB, to your email list, etc. too! Any evergreen content can be repurposed like this- including podcasts, YouTube Videos, IGTV episodes, you name it.

–> Post a quick knowable. What are you up to today? Don’t forget, you’re a human too and people love seeing “real life” stuff.

2) Stop consuming.

Social media is an exchange of energy. Most times, I feel uninspired after I’ve consumed too much information from a niche too similar to mine. It can make me feel like what I have to say has already been said too many times and I can sometimes feel… purposeless. When I feel my inspiration leaving me, I make sure I’m not over-consuming and I take a step back to recoup my energy and creativity.

3) Take a break.

Yooo, did the workaholic in you just have a panic attack like mine did!? If you’re burning the candle at both ends, of course it’s hard to feel jazzed about doing much of anything. Doing things completely unrelated to work (which for me means not working out, not thinking about business, not training clients, not listening to podcasts, not reading text books or business books…) helps so much.

I was the most inspired and full of SO MANY IDEAS FOR CONTENT when I was traveling this year. This is not a mistake. When I went to Colorado with my dad, I was unplugged, white water rafting, hiking, walking, driving through the mountains, star gazing… and I was so inspired. Nothing in my surroundings had anything to do with “work” and the ideas just kept flowing to me.

This happened again when I was in Hawaii. Every evening, I pulled out my phone and brain dumped so many ideas. I spent 4 hours straight, tired AF on my 12+ hour trek home, writing in the notes app on my phone. Bullet point after bullet point- content, content content. I wasn’t even trying.

Stepping away almost ALWAYS gives my brain the breathing room it needs in order to feel inspired.

If a flight to Hawaii isn’t in the cards right now- force yourself to take a staycation. Chill. Breath. Walk. Just BE for a day or two. And notice how much more clarity you have when you get back into it.

4) Batch work

More on this later, but this is the secret sauce to buying your time back. Set aside time each week or each month and get as much content written as possible. Figure out what time of day/week you’re most creative, and set a date with yourself. Write up IG captions, write multiple blog posts (or even just outlines!), record as many podcasts in one fell swoop as you can. This way, you’re never screwed when you’re having one of those weeks where you’re like “omg kill me, what do I even say today!?” Boom shaka laka- you’ve got stuff in the queue that you can whip out.

You post the already-written blog post- you share that ish across all of your platforms, and then you can go back to recharging or doing whatever else in your life needs your attention without falling off the planet completely.

Cool? Cool.

And, in case you missed it- the most recent BIZ episode of The Confidence Project Podcast is all about your 2020 launch calendar and why you need one. Send me a DM on IG @christina_montalvo after you listen to it <3