BIZ 001: So, You Want To Start A Business…

I promised myself I’d never do this.

But as more and more questions poured in over the past year or so, and as entrepreneurship has taken a front seat on social media (at least for me!) and from my point of view, is being totally misrepresented, we’re doing it.

Just like within the fitness and dieting industry, I see all the bullshit- and, in typical Christina fashion, I’ve got a lot to say about all the ridiculous ways that things are (mis)represented.

Women set out to start a business- whether they house that business underneath a big box gym, or as a contractor renting space, or as they venture out into the wild wild west of delivering services or imparting wisdom online- there’s a lot of crap to weed through.

Some of the questions I’ve received over the past several months are: how do you start a business? When you do know when it’s time to leave your job? How should I leverage social media to get clients? How do you make money online? How do I raise my prices? How should I even price my services!? How do put boundaries in place with my clients? And the list goes on and on.

While I don’t claim to know it all, and probably never will, I’ve built two businesses from the ground up- with no financial help (this isn’t the “right” way, by the way, it’s just what I have chosen to do), no investors, no loans- just a lot of hard work, grit, and rooting myself in a mission and vision that was bigger than myself.

Here’s how I see it: if I can help other women entrepreneurs get their messages out, build their business to work with as many clients as possible to deliver messages that are life changing & full of integrity- then we’ve got an army that is ready to change the world and set souls on fire in the best way possible. I realized long ago that I cannot create massive change in the industry all by myself.

These business episodes [biz] are meant for women who have a message to share, for women who have a vision that they want to get out to the world. No, I will not help you build your inherent fat loss business- I’m out to eradicate that entirely. Want to build your fat loss business? Call someone else. Want to change lives radically and don’t know where or how to start? You’re in the right place <3