You’re Going To Unfollow Me.

Your IG bio has deduced you to your weight- it details your starting weight, your current weight, and your goal weight- and everything I say is going to piss you off.

So, you’ll unfollow.

You’ve spent the last couple decades working so hard for what you’ve accomplished- and you want more. More praise, more weight loss- less of yourself so you can feel like you’re worth more.

And I’m not here for that.

There’s very few women like me- strength and conditioning coaches & gym owners who don’t sell or teach weight loss. It’s confusing, I get it.

But, maybe you’ll come back. Maybe you’ll unfollow me, try one more diet, wonder why you still feel like you’re worthless once you’re at your goal weight, wonder why you can’t stop feeling neurotic around food, wonder why all your weight keeps coming back, wonder why you can’t just hate yourself thin already- and then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be so damn sick of it all that you’re willing to explore something new.

The opposite of not dieting isn’t eating ice cream til you’re sick. It’s actually so much more complex than that. If we know that dieting disconnects our brain from our body, then shoving ice cream down the hatch til you poop your pants is still a diet mentality. Your body is like “stop, please stop.” And you’re like “I CAN’T!”…. but your body is begging you to stop dieting, too. You’re just too busy making too much damn noise clapping like a walrus when the scale moves down one…more… ounce….. that you can’t even hear it.

So, please unfollow me. Because I don’t give a damn about your weight loss. I think you’re more than that.

But you can come back here and say hi when you think so, too.