Your Lifting, Eating and Business Should Provide Freedom. Not Restriction.

I help women liberate themselves from obsessive aesthetic pursuits AND soul sucking businesses that they’ve built.

I’ve lived both lives. A life where lifting & eating controlled my life, and the life where I had no life because of my business.

These days, call me a liberation coach, I guess.

Lifting shouldn’t feel urgent or obsessive. It should provide you fun, ease, and yes- challenges, lots of them- but afford you freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

Eating should be the same. I experienced this just today. I got hungry due to poor planning and had to hit a drive through – no stress. Fuel first. Or my afternoon project would not have been complete AND I would have been a cranky monster. Face it, NO ONE is happy when you’re hangry AF.

Business. Just like lifting, comes with it’s fair share of challenges, but it provides freedom. I experience this daily. Today, I worked for a few hours, cut out to go for waffles (yep, waffles and drive thru same day), & got some house projects done before wrapping up with another 2 hours later (worked for 4 hours today? Maybe?) And tomorrow, I’ll work for 3 hours (have 3 calls) and that’s it. I’m doing some super not fun things (life) but also seeing my grandma which is always fun- she’s on a puzzle kick lately so we’ll do that.

None of this happens over night. But it’s worth fighting for. Trust me, it is.

And this is what I want for you. Freedom focused lifting and eating. And a freedom focused business if you have one. Not in a gross “get rich quick and it’s all easy” way but in a “I built this on purpose” way.

The Barbell Collective is where lifting, eating, and life coaching collide. (Applications open again in August!)

And UnFuck Your Business is where strategy & soul collide, so that your business provides freedom & not restriction, too. Applications will begin opening in late September.

Leave with this: pursue freedom relentlessly. Define what that means to you, what that looks like, what it feels like, and forge ahead.