Your Judgments Aren’t Helpful

“She shouldn’t be eating that!” My friend Shohreh Davoodi talks about this much more eloquently than I ever could, but- here are my thoughts:

I can eat a bacon and chocolate covered donut and not receive many (if any) looks, criticism, back lash, or assumptions from onlookers who feel that I “shouldn’t be eating that.” Save for a few individuals who feel the need to tell me that I’m doing women a disservice by GASP! Allowing women to eat with joy. (??shove that shit right up your donut hole.) While I personally don’t consider myself to have “thin privilege”, I do have fit privilege. But, my body lands right in the middle of many, many industries and communities, which makes this interesting for me.

Not lean enough for the fitness industry. Not big enough for the body positivity community. Not thin enough to ever even be called “thin.” But I GET IT. I get it because of the lack of comments, suggestions, and judgements when I’m out in the world eating whatever I want to eat.

How often do YOU look at what someone is eating and make a judgement or comment based on their body size + food of choice? Here’s the thing, though- it’s none of your fucking business.

I don’t “get to” eat donuts because my body looks a certain way. I “get to” eat donuts because I choose to. You don’t need a specific body size in order to “earn your right to eat whatever you want.” You can eat however you want, whenever you want. No really- you can. Because you get to tune into YOUR BODY and figure out how you FEEL.

Does eating nothing but crap make you feel energized?

Does dieting make you feel pretty yet?
You have full autonomy to make food decisions that are rooted in self respect, joy, & nourishment–& both donuts and salad can fit this bill.

By judging what someone is eating based on what they look like, you’re also assuming that they have the same values and goals as you. “She shouldn’t be eating that!” WHY?! Because YOU feel that HER body doesn’t align with YOUR standards? What do you REALLY know about that woman? Her life? Her goals? Her purpose?

Keep your holier than thou mentality out of this. Actually, keep it out of everything. Your judgements ARE NEVER HELPFUL ??

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