You Are Not Addicted to Sugar

Here’s how it usually plays out:

You’re gearing up to be “good” or “eat clean” or “just be healthy.”

You restrict food based on both amount and type. You omit anything you enjoy and convince yourself your “healthy alternatives” taste “as good as the real thing.”

You’ve slashed your calories, increased your caloric output, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re face first in whatever you can get your hands on when the hunger sets in and the willpower fades.

“I’m so bad!” You either giggle, boast, cry, or spiral.

“Gotta get back on track!”

Depending on your usual restrict/binge/repent cycle, you very well may not be in a “caloric deficit.” So you think it’s “not working” because you’re “not losing weight yet.”

Subsequently, you’ve decided you must keep all sweets and treats out of your house and vow to never eat them again- you’re addicted! And can’t be trusted within a sniff of a warm cookie.

The problem? You’re not addicted to sugar. Do pleasure centers light up when we eat yummy food? Yes. But it doesn’t make it a party drug. Obsessing over what you look like and trying to gain control over ONE MORE THING? Helluva drug. One you’ve been addicted to for years ????

The answer? Eat more food throughout the day- a good mix of carbs, protein, produce, and fat. Include things you enjoy at each meal- yes, it can even cookies.

The problem is never the food. It’s how you think about the food- which is almost always dictated by how you feel about your body. Body image + food relationship repair is the answer to all of your food fears.

EVEN IF you think you “need to lose 50+ pounds”
EVEN IF “your doctor said you need to lose weight”. THE SAME RULES APPLY.
In fact, you’re where you are *because* you haven’t stopped trying to lose weight ????????‍♀️