You Are Enough.

My 5+ year career as a weight loss coach makes me cringe.

It went like this:

“Omg you’re down another pound?! CONGRATS! You’re amazing. This is amazing!”

“Omg. You’re up 3 pounds. Ok um. It’s ok. Let’s go back to the drawing board. Oh- you went out to eat with friends? OH! drank a margarita? Yeah so, ok. Probably just bloat. It’s ok. You’re allowed to enjoy yourself hehe! So uh, let’s just get back on track. Don’t forget your WHY! Don’t forget WHY you wanted to lose weight! Let’s reign it in so next week you have a GOOD WEIGH IN!”

The only clients you can celebrate are the ones whose bodies are shrinking.

Your clients’ success hinges upon their weight loss sum total and you feel that your success as their coach hinges on their ability to comply to the rules.

I deduced my clients to their bodies. I didn’t know I was doing it. No matter how many mindset tools I gave or how many things I tried to pile on that didn’t make it disgustingly obvious, it all centered back to their weight and their body.

I wasn’t aware of the damage I was causing or my own healing that I had to do. I thought I was doing *exactly* what I was supposed to be doing. It’s what I was taught. It’s all I saw. It’s all everyone ever asked me for.

Their mindset tools were only enough *if* they lost weight. Everything circled back to weight loss.

Now, I get to look at my clients as entire beings separate from their physical body. Instead of clapping like fucking idiotic walruses over weight loss, we clap over big deal shit like: going to therapy, setting boundaries, leaving toxic relationships, finding freedom, purpose, and joy. We celebrate leaving comfort zones. We celebrate leaving the confines of such a body-centric, ego-driven, fear-rooted space that is intentional weight loss.

Can you do those while trying to lose weight? Sure. But it’ll always hinge upon how small you’re getting, how much you’re losing- you’ll always lose sight of everything else in comparison. When your success is measured by pounds/inches lost, all of your other wins will be contingent & never enough *until* you’re small enough.

But what if you’re enough right now? You are. No contingencies. I promise.