Working Out Feels Different When It’s a Choice

It used to be admirable to be so dedicated to fitness… so relentlessly obsessed with changing & maintaining your aesthetic.

Only a woman truly dedicated to the way her body looks can understand. To the onlookers- it’s admirable, it’s envious.

Ya know?

But you wanna know what I think is cooler than that? Loving the gym and having zero concerns about what it affords your aesthetic.

Like “oh you must be here to change your body! Me too!”



I’m here out of choice. Not out of shame or punishment or guilt. Not here from a place of control. Not here from a place of fear. Not here to burn shit or earn shit. Literally here by choice & freedom.

Now that’s something to admire. That’s something to envy… at least I think so- because not everyone has the guts to get to that place. To show up and do the reps & be so wholeheartedly disinterested in anything other than working hard for NO REASON other than you like to. To steep yourself in the knowing that who you are and what you do once you leave the gym is more important. And that your importance doesn’t hinge on what you look like.

Or maybe that’s just me.