Word to the Wise: It’s Not About YOU

I know why you’re not getting more clients.

You don’t need Facebook ads, flyers, new biz cards, and you definitely don’t need to join a hoity-toity local networking group.

You just need to stop focusing on YOU.

If you’re in a service based industry in which you help other people in any capacity, your business isn’t about you- it’s about your clients.

Put yourself in their shoes- are they really going to reach out to you if all you post are pictures and videos of your clients DYING during workouts? YOU think that makes you an admirable trainer- but how does that make your potential clients feel? Probably too scared to reach out.

If your entire marketing approach so far has been centered around you- what you look like, your life, your problems, what you think is best, YOU YOU YOU, then you’re already not connecting with other people- you’re just making love to your own ego- which isn’t good for business, lemme tell ya.

Questions to ask yourself when creating content/posting on social: What do my clients need to hear today?

-How is she feeling?
-How can I serve her today?
-Is what I’m about to post helpful?
-Am I teaching anything of value?
-What is the actual point of my post/story/blog? What is my intention?
-How do I want my clients/future client to feel after they read it?
-What do I want them to do after they read it?

Building a business doesn’t have to be scary or as gross as it can feel sometimes. Once I stopped selling and started SERVING- the whole game changed.

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