Why The Phrase “I Am Trying” May Be Keeping You Stuck

We’re always making choices that either keep us stuck or move us forward.

And a lot of it has to do with how we identify with ourselves. The way I always explain it is: the most powerful word is the one that completes the sentence: “I am….” In many cases- “trying” is fine. After all, we can only control our actions and our attitude.

However, sometimes “I am trying….” keeps us stuck.
“I am trying to be a business owner.”
“I am trying to go to the gym more often.”
“I am trying to be more organized.”
This confirms the thought that you are not yet a business owner, or a gym goer, or an organized person- you do not identify as ONE WHO…. fill in the blank.

Our actions will either move us into a new identity or keep us stuck in an old one. Either is fine, actually- so long as it serves you.

I had to identify as a business owner so that I could do things that biz owners do… etc etc. otherwise I was always just identifying as someone who was trying to be a business owner- trying and BEING are very different mindsets!

So what comes first?

The belief in the word that follows “I am…” and then the actions that follow suit to make that true.

Our beliefs shape our thoughts, and our thoughts shape our actions, and our actions shape our life.

Questions to ask yourself: who are you going to be tomorrow? What actions need to be in place in order to make that true?