Why I’ve Been So Open About Going To Therapy

Why I’ve been so open about going to therapy – cuz your girl is nuts and needs some help. Jk. Actually the opposite of this- part of being open about being in therapy is dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health.

I’ve slid it casually into as many conversations as possible- not as the focal point of the conversation but just a casual little “my therapist said…”

Oddly, I’m one, small, influential part in a lot of women’s lives. It’s important for me to acknowledge that influence and use it for good- for things like shedding light on mental health and the fact that you don’t need to be “ill” or “crazy” or “fucked up” to seek therapy.

For me, it’s an additional resource to level up in my life. I’ve had business coaches, strength coaches, and life coaches- this is no different.

If we’re being real, my life is pretty great. I am incredibly accomplished, hard working, and oddly normal for such a quirky person. Ha! Which goes to say, if your girl here can be so cool and go to therapy- so can you.

If therapy doesn’t feel like your thing- then hire a coach or a mentor. I think the biggest mistake we can make in any area of our life is saying “I’m fine and I don’t need help.”

Do your deadlifts. Drink your water. Get good sleep. Get your mind right.