Why I’m Not Accepting New Clients

FEBRUARY IS THE NEW BLACK & why I don’t accept new clients in January.

Been in business for almost a decade- I’ve never once taken on a new fitness client in January- and I never will.

It’s almost too easy. It’s too easy to leverage the shiny, new excitement that January seems to inherently bring with its arrival.

Even when I *was* a fat loss coach, I still never wanted the resolutioners as clients. Say what you will- I can’t get down with it.

Especially now after not facilitating intentional weight loss- I don’t trust that anyone’s intention in January is anything but an image pursuit. Is this always the case? Of course not. But I’m not willing to take the chance.

Accepting clients in January feels too “all or nothing” for me. It confirms all the things I fight against.

So many gyms (all of them? Ha!) and coaches and companies are foaming at the mouth right now- eager for you to drop your credit card anyyyy day now. SO IRONIC KAREN THAT YOU SUDDENLY HAVE SPOTS OPEN IN YOUR COACHING PROGRAM!!!!

It’d be so easy to rake in a couple thousand in January. Like, elliptical easy. And if I got into this *just* to make money- I’d definitely hop on this gravy train.

As a biz owner AND a biz coach- I *do* want to make money and I want my biz coaching clients to make money, too! As a decent human being and a dedicated coach to *all* of my clients, there are ethical principles that I feel called to implement. This is one of them.

Also- coaches- HELLO. Scarcity mindset much? If you’ve worked with me on your business you know exactly the scarcity I’m talking about when it comes to leveraging the New Year as a biz strategy. It’s tacky. At least I think so.

Idk- I guess make sure your coach/gym/whatever actually cares about you as a person and hasn’t just assigned a dollar amount to your forehead.  You deserve better. You deserve a coach who wants more for you. You deserve a coach who’s willing to lose money if it means creating an environment that you can thrive in for the LONG HAUL.