What Happens When You Stop Trying To Lose Weight?

You gain infinite amounts of weight until you end up on “My 600-pound Life” on TLC and they have to use a crane to get you out of your bathtub- of course!

I know that’s what you’re thinking. I know your identity is wrapped up in what you look like and how you eat and how seriously you take your workouts.

Here’s what I want you to consider: you’re not very much fun.

Your partner is probably sick and tired of asking you to go out on date night because they know damn well you’re going to bitch about your body tomorrow morning.

Your kids are sick and tired of baking cookies without you while you sit in the corner telling them “mommy can’t have any, she’s being good today.”

Your friends are so sick and tired of hearing about your latest weight loss venture and they’re so sick of you never splitting an appetizer with them because “no thanks, it doesn’t fit my plan. Go ahead though!”

I know- you’ll be happier and your life will feel better once you lose a few more pounds. Then your relationships will be more fulfilling.

I know you feel like you’ll be more lovable once you nail this next diet just right for long enough. I know you’re thinking you’re only worth the attention and support once you’re in a smaller body. I know you think getting ready in the morning will be more fun when you’re back in your smaller sizes.

And I also know it’s all bullshit. Even bikini competitors look at their stage photos and find 57 things they can change for next time. Even when you were smaller, don’t you remember poking & prodding with disgust… just like you do now?

You don’t need another diet or eating plan. Your dream body isn’t waiting for you there. Your dream body doesn’t exist at all, actually. But what you are doing is wasting a whole hell of a lot of your life away, waiting for a day that’ll never come UNTIL you make peace with your body and food.

Sick of playing the game yet? You should be.