What Food Freedom Really Looks Like

Do you trust yourself around food?

It looks like having 4 types of regular ice cream in your freezer, 3 different types of family sized bags of chips in your cabinets, and last year’s Halloween candy in your house- all at once, for weeks, months, and years on end (when do snickers expire anyway?) and NEVER feeling like they’re calling your name, never feeling like you have to shovel it all in at once, never feeling like you have to use every last ounce of willpower to not scarf it all down in one sitting.

Feeling out of control around certain foods isn’t normal- but it’s an expected symptom of dieting.

Just like you get sick of eating egg whites every morning, you get used to eating ALL the foods you’ve been taught to fear, avoid, and limit. Yes, even the ice cream, candy, and chips.

Food freedom allows food to just become food instead of DRAMA. You eat the ice cream that you love in undetermined amounts that feel good for your mind, body, and soul. You can eat it out of the pint now, it doesn’t matter- you trust your body to tell you when you’ve had enough.

You can eat your favorite chips straight out of the bag now- sometimes a lot of chips and sometimes just a few. Sometimes none at all- and either way it feels really good.

And you might realize, like me, that chocolate isn’t your favorite candy after all- dieting just made you feel that way.

Trusting yourself around any and all foods takes practice. You literally have to practice trusting yourself by exposing yourself regularly to all foods without any judgement or expectation. As soon as you judge what type or how much you’re eating, you’re back at square one. It is not the practice of intentionally restricting foods- it’s allowing yourself unconditional permission to eat, telling your diet brain to shut up, and reconnecting with what foods and in what amounts feel best both now and later and leading with trust instead of fear.

Life begins once your food drama ends- that’s a promise.