What Do You Do When You Have a Bad Body Image Day?

Well- what do you do when you’re having a bad hair day? Probably just deal with it and move on with your day, right? But why is this so much easier? Because we haven’t been socially conditioned to have full blown melt downs when our hair isn’t “just right.” But we’ve been socially conditioned to identify so closely and react so emotionally when we have a bad body image day.

Which makes it worse. We take drastic measures that keep us stuck. We do more cardio and eat less. We feel better for a bit- feeling like we handled the problem. But really, we’ve done 2 things: increased our appetite (more exercise + less food does that!) and then overeat- which makes us feel worse and keeps us stuck right where we are and 2) we’re ignoring everything else that’s going on.

We get to distract ourselves from our real needs while we beat ourselves up and obsess over our body.

Bloating is normal. Just like frizzy hair is normal. It’s literally fine- take a breath and move on.

If you burnt the whole thing down with a bad hair day like you want to do with a bad body day- you’d look like a 2007 Britney Spears meme by now- and that looks good on no one.